Being Happy By Choice

March 8, 2009

It’s not always easy to be Happy

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I know the whole concept about Being Happy By Choice, can be considered a rather silly idea. After all, you either feel happy or you don’t.

However, you can decide how you feel. You can control how you stand, what expression to wear, you can choose what you read or listen to. Although you may not feel like wearing a smile if you feel down in the dumps. But if you just smile anyway, you can change your mood.

When I was young, I made myself a tape of music, that progressively went from sad songs, to happy songs. When I was feeling down, I would go for long walks and listen to the tape. (back in the days of Walkmans). While listening to the sad music, each song became more and more positive, until by the time I got to the end of the tape, I was feeling realy good.

Now this may not work for all people, but for me it did. So try it sometime. Load a pile of music onto your MP3 player and set the order from sad to happy and see how you go.

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